Dental Insurance

OU offers you a choice of two plans depending on the level of coverage you and your family may need: the Delta Basic Plan and the Delta Alternate Plan. Both plans cover preventive, basic, and major services, but they differ in how they pay for covered services. Under each plan, you can visit any licensed dentist. 

Delta Dental of Oklahoma


  • Large network coverage in the Delta Dental Premier Network.
  • Orthodontia is covered up to $1500 lifetime maximum per individual participant (children and adults).
  • Most implants can now be covered under either plan and are subject to the deductible and the annual maximum benefit payment that applies to the specific class of covered dental services. Due to the complexity of implant coverage, it is advised that implant coverage be discussed between your dental provider and Delta Dental.

Provider Networks

Delta Dental's benefits in the Basic and Alternate plans are available for both in-network and out-of-network dental providers. Both plans use the Delta PPO network and the Delta Premier network, which are described below.

In-Network Providers

Both the Basic Plan and Alternate Plan use the provider networks.

  • Delta PPO network: If you see a dental provider in the Delta PPO network, the discounts to you are greatest, though the network is smaller. 
  • Delta Premier network: The Delta Premier network contains most dental providers in Oklahoma. Services from dental providers in the Premier network are not as discounted as those from the PPO network. The major benefit of using the Delta Premier Network instead of non-participating dental providers is that providers in the Premier Network have agreed not to balance-bill you. This means they will not charge you the difference between what Delta Dental pays them and what they normally might charge.

Out-of-Network Providers

These Delta Dental plans will provide benefits even if you visit a dental provider outside the Delta networks. However, the covered benefit will be less and non-participating providers will usually balance-bill you. This means they will often charge you the difference between what Delta Dental pays them and what they normally might charge.