2017 Benefits Enrollment: October 31-November 11

Benefits Enrollment  for 2017 began October 31. You can enroll by using the links below. 

Norman Employees:

Employee ID begins with "4".

Norman 2017 Enrollment
2017 Confirmation Statement
2016 Benefits Summary

The Tobacco Use Designation is part of the Enrollment Process above.

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HSC Employees:

Employee ID begins with "0" or "5".

HSC Employee Self-Service
  • Benefits Enrollment
    (Go to: Self-Service> Personal Information> Benefits Enrollment)
  • Review 2016 Insurance Coverage
To use HSC Self-Service off-campus, sign up for Duo

Tulsa Employees:

Choose the appropriate Norman or HSC button based on your Employee ID.

Don't Help the Thieves

Stealing passwords is one way that identity thieves gain access to personal information like your Social Security number, name, birth date, and benefits information. If you never change your password, it increases the likelihood that the password they've stolen will actually work. Keep the thieves guessing and protect yourself by updating your password annually for Norman and every 90 days for HSC: Norman programs and HSC programs.